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A Customer Culture Article for HR Professionals

HR can and should play a critical role in helping leaders build a customer-focused culture. Dr Linden Brown describes how HR Leaders can contribute in this article for inside HR magazine. January 2016.

A Strong Market Culture Drives Organizational Performance and Success

Published online in Wiley InterScience - Employment Relations Today - 2008 Wiley Periodicals 2008.

CEOs Take Heed: Studies Show That Market Culture Matters More Than Other Strategies

CEOs Take Heed: Studies Show That Market Culture Matters More Than Other Strategies. Accepted for publication in IndUS Business Journal Summer 2008.

Corporate Vision Consulting Awards 2015

During 2015 we were also honoured to win two prizes from Corporate Vision Magazine to close out 2015:
1. Best Culture Assessment Consultants for 2015 AND
2. Best Staff Survey Tool for 2015: Market Responsiveness Index (MRI™)

Corporate Vision also wrote an article describing our approach to helping leaders create customer centric organisations.

Culture Drives Business Performance and "Market Culture" Rated the Best Driver

Printed in CMO Council's monthly newsletter, Marketing Magnified December 2007.

Customer Lifetime Value

This white paper covers the topic of lifetime value of customers as a critical financial metric for customer focused businesses to guide their investment in customers.

Fundamentals of Effective Risk Management Whitepaper by M Weare

This paper outlines the important elements of effective risk management starting with answers to the questions 'what is risk'? and 'who are risk managers'?

How CEOs can promote a strong market culture

Published in Strategy & Leadership Vol. 36 No. 5 2008, pp. 28-33, Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

How important are market-driven behaviors to firm performance?

32% - Nearly a third of a firms performance is explained by market-driven behaviors, that's how important. This paper presents you the simple arithmetic behind the most reliable source of success.

How to Create a Customer Focus Mindset

Getting new customers costs a fortune. Losing them can send you broke. There is only one measure of customer focus and that is customer loyalty. When you fail so does profitability, and your competitors triumph. But this need not be so. Your whole organization, not just your 'customer facing departments' exist to provide value for customers. This requires complete customer focus immersion.

Managing Market Alignment Risk

This paper describes a new risk management system and its tools available for a) Directors and management to identify and mitigate those risks associated with retaining and gaining customers in a competitive environment and b) Ensure management mitigates and reports on those risks and their profit impacts to the board of directors in a meaningful way.

New Tools for Controlling Marketplace Risks - A Whitepaper for Risk Managers

The Market Alignment Risk Management system enables risk managers to facilitate and provide risk measurements and assessments that are of vital importance to Directors and the CEO.

Seven Winning Tactics During A Downturn

Printed in the February 11, 2008 issue of BtoB, the Magazine for Marketing Strategists.

Six Steps To Becoming Market Focused

Six Steps to Becoming a Market-Focused, Profit Generator That Delivers Customer Value. Accepted for publication by CEO Refresher - March 2008.

The Customer Culture Imperative Book Summary

This is a short summary of the key themes in our new book, The Customer Culture Imperative.

The Truth About Profit Trends - What Directors Need to Know and Do

87% of Boards of Directors are not creating adequate value for shareholders. To reverse this trend, Directors must identify the central creator of business value and help top management leverage it.

The Truth About Profit Trends - What HR Executives Need to Know and Do

Can HR Executives play a role in building a company that consistently outperforms its competitors? Is there a fundamental human resources difference between top performing firms and laggards? Can the HR Executive lead the CEO to the breakthroughs required to succeed in the new environment? The answer to these questions is a definitive "yes."

The Truth About Profit Trends: What CEOs Need to Know and Do?

This new white paper underscores some of the most important organizational challenges facing senior executives today, and how companies like Apple, Starbucks and Virgin differentiate themselves based on corporate culture.

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About MarketCulture Strategies


Celebrity Leadership - Jeffrey Hayzlett, former KODAK CMO

59m:00s - Part 1 of 5 in SVAMA Market-Driven Leadership Series - Sponsored and Moderated by MarketCulture Strategies.

Know Thine Enemy - Sean Campbell and Scott Swigart

1h03m:16s - Part 3 of 5 in SVAMA Market-Driven Leadership Series - Sponsored and Moderated by MarketCulture Strategies.

Marketing ROI

00h47m:05s - Part 5 of 5 in SVAMA Market-Driven Leadership Series - Sponsored and Moderated by MarketCulture Strategies.

Part 1 of 5: Defining Market Driven and the Case for Market Sense-Ability


Part 2 of 5: How to Benchmark Your Company's Market Sense-Ability


Part 3 of 5: A Walkthrough of the Market Responsiveness Index


Part 4 of 5: What Can be Done to Improve Your Organizations Market Sense-Ability


Part 5 of 5: A Transformation Case Study


Podcast - Marketing Thought Leadership, Hosted by Linda Popky - The Case for Creating Market-Driven Culture


Strategy from the Outside In - Prof. George S. Day

57m:11s - Special SVAMA Webinar Sponsored and Moderated by MarketCulture Strategies.

Syncing Sales + Marketing

58m:39s - Part 4 of 5 in SVAMA Market-Driven Leadership Series - Sponsored and Moderated by MarketCulture Strategies.

The Customer Culture - Jeanne Bliss

58m:44s - Part 2 of 5 in SVAMA Market-Driven Leadership Series - Sponsored and Moderated by MarketCulture Strategies.

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Customer Focus at Ericsson: Steve Newman - Global Program Director, Executive Development

Ericsson went through a significant Customer Focus transformation a number of years ago. In this video series, Steve describes how Ericsson refocused its business, his view on Customer Focus, and the role of executive training.

MarketCulture Hero: Charles Lawrence, General Manager, Franke USA

CMO at the time of the first MRI implementation, Charles was getting frustrated with the various cultures in Franke's different businesses. Of specific concern was their lack of customer focus and the resulting slip in business performance. Two MRI assessments later, his organization is aligned, and business performance has improved.

MarketCulture Hero: Chris Zane - President - Zane's Cycles

Understanding the relationship with the customer and what they need comes from understanding that we are not selling "stuff", we're delivering on what the "stuff" provides.

MarketCulture Hero: David Morgan - Former General Manager - Orica

David describes the new competitive pressures that were facing Orica while servicing a highly diverse customer base, and what he did to make a change.

MarketCulture Hero: Jason Krieser, VP & General Manager, Allen Medical

Allen Medical is a manufacturer of patient positioning products with more than 100 employees. They have taken the MRI twice over an 18 month period and undertaken a number of initiatives to improve their business as a result.

MarketCulture Hero: John Stanhope, CFO & Group Managing Director, Telstra

Over the course of two years, CFO John Stanhope has lead his 2,400 employees through a culture transformation. Using the CRI tool, the Value Service Culture initiative resulted in annualized gains and savings of $15 mil; $55 mil created in business value.

MarketCulture Hero: Tim Lees, Former Director of Marketing, Speedo

Speedo faced the gloomy prospect of declining market share due to an obsolete production oriented business culture. Tim's leadership as the Marketing Director resulted in revitalizing Speedo to become a more customer focused and relationship oriented company. In these two videos, Tim offers his perspectives on the process and provides advice to other marketing leaders.

MarketCulture Pioneer: Darren Kane - Director of Corporate Security and Investigations - Telstra

Darren describes the unique role of Corporate Security and Investigations (CSI) inside Telstra and the impact of the Value Service Culture (VSC) change initiative on his team, the approach taken, and how it was measured using the CRI.

Marketing Excellence Pioneer: Doug Biehn, VP of Corporate Marketing, Blue Shield of California

"Marketing has over the years come to be perceived as an expense versus a generator of growth, revenue and prosperity.... I think the biggest challenge for a marketing executive is to get a seat at the table and truly be perceived as a strategic partner... turn marketing into a tangible business investment".

Marketing Excellence Pioneer: Katie Haas - Director, Marketing Excellence & Operations - Intel

Katie describes Intel's marketing approach as an 'ingredient product', and how the organization has to evolve as the brand expands its market range far beyond the PC, their customer focus initiatives and training, and general advice to marketing exellence.

Marketing Excellence Pioneer: Seth Berman, Director of Marketing Strategy, Blue Shield of California

"The most important capability for our team is really that of influence, and being able to make a business case for an investment, to help executives and line of business general managers understand the value of particular marketing investments".

Marketing Excellence Pioneer: Stacey Taylor, Principal Marketing Manager, Marketing Insights & Operations, Adobe

"I've been talking to our senior executives, and they start describing to me what they want our enterprise marketing to look like, how do we want the behaviors to be different, and then backing up from that we start to do skills assessments".

Marketing Excellence Pioneer: Steve Fischer, Former Global Director of Marketing Excellence, Hewlett-Packard

"[With our training] ...there came a time where we realized that putting butts in the seats wasn't the best metric...we needed to get better aligned with the senior officers - were we really meeting the needs of the business?".

RS Medical - John Konsin - President and CEO

John Konsin, President and CEO of RS Medical, discusses the drivers behind performing an MRI, how it came to fruition and the benits of receiving the results.

Case Studies Available For Download




Allen Medical Systems: Customer Satisfaction & Rapid Growth

18 months, two MRI benchmarks, and one important adjustment toward current customers: Learn how it resulted in 30% growth - in an industry marred by layoffs and retreat - for an innovative medical devices company and its entrepreneurial general manager.

Blue Shield: A Marketing Excellence Program

MCS developed an innovative and effective marketing excellence program that targeted critical marketing capabilities required to drive business results. "I wanted to elevate Marketing to strategic partner status inside the business as a crucial element to driving growth." -Doug Biehn, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Blue Shield

Franke Group: Story of a Game Changer

How the Market Responsiveness Index turned organizational turmoil and decline into market re-alignment, renewed strength and sales and profit growth after a series of missteps and an economic downturn.

John Stanhope, Telstra CFO

John Stanhope, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Telstra Corporation, Australia. John is driving a value service culture with his 2,400 employees.

Speedo: Changing Skills and Mindset

Speedo was a strong brand, but manufacturing-oriented rather than market-focused. The MarketCulture team worked closely with the marketing director and his marketing team, and a broad section of the executive team to create the mindset and skills needed to turn the company around. Results included growth in market share, profit margins and the development of new market segments.

Telstra Case: Creating a Value Service Culture

The CFO of a 2,400 employee finance group faced with bureaucracy run amok, leads a critical 'cultural transformation' to become customer-centric (utilizing our CRI assessment). The solution was surprising and easy to implement. The outcome was greater than anyone expected: annualized gains and savings of $15 mil; $55 mil created in business value.

Telstra Case: Culture Transformation - June 2008 to May 2010

The CFO leads cultural transformation and acts as a guiding light for the whole organization. - "I set out to transform the Finance Group into a support group that would create new value, provide top service and be seen to be valuable by its customers...and deliver millions of dollars to the bottom line." - John V. Stanhope Chief Financial Officer and Group Managing Director, Finance and Administration, Telstra Corporation

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Research Foundation for the Market Responsiveness Index - Readings

The research undertaken as a prelude to development of the MRI measurement tool included more than 200 peer-reviewed academic and empirical research articles. The most relevant ones we used are included here for your reference – a total of 163.

The Customer Culture Imperative - FREE Chapter Sample

Learn more about what's in the book with this FREE sampling of Chapter One.

The Market Responsiveness Index (MRI)™ Foundation Study

The Structure, Reliability and Validity of a New Measure of Customer-Focused Culture.

The Market Responsiveness Index - Overview

Learn more about the new imperative metric for 2017. The Market Responsiveness Index tells you how to measure your company's customer culture and what impact it has on your business.

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