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MarketCulture Hero: Chris Zane - President - Zane's Cycles

Understanding the relationship with the customer and what they need comes from understanding that we are not selling "stuff", we're delivering on what the "stuff" provides.

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Customer Focus at Ericsson: Steve Newman - Global Program Director, Executive Development

Ericsson went through a significant Customer Focus transformation a number of years ago. In this video series, Steve describes how Ericsson refocused its business, his view on Customer Focus, and the role of executive training.

MarketCulture Hero: Charles Lawrence, General Manager, Franke USA

CMO at the time of the first MRI implementation, Charles was getting frustrated with the various cultures in Franke's different businesses. Of specific concern was their lack of customer focus and the resulting slip in business performance. Two MRI assessments later, his organization is aligned, and business performance has improved.

MarketCulture Hero: Chris Zane - President - Zane's Cycles

Understanding the relationship with the customer and what they need comes from understanding that we are not selling "stuff", we're delivering on what the "stuff" provides.

MarketCulture Hero: David Morgan - Former General Manager - Orica

David describes the new competitive pressures that were facing Orica while servicing a highly diverse customer base, and what he did to make a change.

MarketCulture Hero: Jason Krieser, VP & General Manager, Allen Medical

Allen Medical is a manufacturer of patient positioning products with more than 100 employees. They have taken the MRI twice over an 18 month period and undertaken a number of initiatives to improve their business as a result.

MarketCulture Hero: John Stanhope, CFO & Group Managing Director, Telstra

Over the course of two years, CFO John Stanhope has lead his 2,400 employees through a culture transformation. Using the CRI tool, the Value Service Culture initiative resulted in annualized gains and savings of $15 mil; $55 mil created in business value.

MarketCulture Hero: Tim Lees, Former Director of Marketing, Speedo

Speedo faced the gloomy prospect of declining market share due to an obsolete production oriented business culture. Tim's leadership as the Marketing Director resulted in revitalizing Speedo to become a more customer focused and relationship oriented company. In these two videos, Tim offers his perspectives on the process and provides advice to other marketing leaders.

MarketCulture Pioneer: Darren Kane - Director of Corporate Security and Investigations - Telstra

Darren describes the unique role of Corporate Security and Investigations (CSI) inside Telstra and the impact of the Value Service Culture (VSC) change initiative on his team, the approach taken, and how it was measured using the CRI.

Marketing Excellence Pioneer: Doug Biehn, VP of Corporate Marketing, Blue Shield of California

"Marketing has over the years come to be perceived as an expense versus a generator of growth, revenue and prosperity.... I think the biggest challenge for a marketing executive is to get a seat at the table and truly be perceived as a strategic partner... turn marketing into a tangible business investment".

Marketing Excellence Pioneer: Katie Haas - Director, Marketing Excellence & Operations - Intel

Katie describes Intel's marketing approach as an 'ingredient product', and how the organization has to evolve as the brand expands its market range far beyond the PC, their customer focus initiatives and training, and general advice to marketing exellence.

Marketing Excellence Pioneer: Seth Berman, Director of Marketing Strategy, Blue Shield of California

"The most important capability for our team is really that of influence, and being able to make a business case for an investment, to help executives and line of business general managers understand the value of particular marketing investments".

Marketing Excellence Pioneer: Stacey Taylor, Principal Marketing Manager, Marketing Insights & Operations, Adobe

"I've been talking to our senior executives, and they start describing to me what they want our enterprise marketing to look like, how do we want the behaviors to be different, and then backing up from that we start to do skills assessments".

Marketing Excellence Pioneer: Steve Fischer, Former Global Director of Marketing Excellence, Hewlett-Packard

"[With our training] ...there came a time where we realized that putting butts in the seats wasn't the best metric...we needed to get better aligned with the senior officers - were we really meeting the needs of the business?".

RS Medical - John Konsin - President and CEO

John Konsin, President and CEO of RS Medical, discusses the drivers behind performing an MRI, how it came to fruition and the benits of receiving the results.

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