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Your customer-obsessed culture assessment + roadmap
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Measure and strengthen your customer-obsessed culture using the Market Responsiveness Index (MRI)™
Why measure customer-obsessed culture?

A strong customer-obsessed culture is the single most important driver of future business performance.

These 8 disciplines are proven to drive the corresponding business performance outcomes.

How the MRI™ helps you
  • Benchmark your most important customer culture drivers, set targets, take action and track progress.

  • Create a unified focus on the customer - a customer MINDSET

  • Engage and inspire ALL employees to drive customer experience.

The MRI™ measures 8 disciplines of a customer-obsessed culture
5 externally oriented behaviors:
+ 3 internal enablers:
How is the MRI™ implemented?
  • The MRI is a web-based employee assessment tool that measures the level of customer-obsessed behaviors (culture) an organization directs toward engaging their customers.

  • The MRI is easy to administer, simple and intuitive to complete, and extremely effective in delivering understandable, detailed and actionable findings for leaders seeking to drive business performance in their companies.

Now available in multiple languages
  • English (United States), English (United Kingdom)

  • French, Spanish (European and Latin American)

  • German, Dutch and Russian

  • Additional languages will become available as demanded

Benchmark against the world's most customer-obsessed companies

Businesses are benchmarked against a global database of more than 300 companies across industries and geographies. You will see how your business stacks up against the best in a chart like these:

Partner with us to develop your customer-obsessed culture strategy and roadmap
We will help you accelerate your transformation to a strong customer-obsessed culture and improved business performance

“Yes, absolutely I would strongly recommend other organizations to do the MRI™! It helped us gain alignment on who our target customer is and how we can mobilize our teams to improve their experience.”

John Konsin
RS Medical

Schedule your personalized demonstration of this award-winning tool today.
customer obsessed culture assessment award

Certificate of Excellence

The Customer Institute hereby certifies on this 18th March 2021 the MarketCulture Market Responsiveness Index as meeting or exceeding current industry best practice, being comprehensive, effective and efficient, predictable and accurate, as well as a sustainable and repeatable method in the field of customer-centricity.


Stefan Osthaus
Customer Institute

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