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The MRI™ was Awarded “Best Staff Survey Tool 2015” by Corporate Vision magazine



MarketCulture was established in 2003 by Dr Linden Brown and Chris Brown with a vision of making a difference on how companies provide a great customer experience known to be “Customer Centricity”. Over many years, by researching hundreds of organizations, MarketCulture was able to develop a validated tool to measure the behaviors of employees in being able to provide a great customer experience. The tool is called the Market Responsiveness Index “MRI™” and has been solely used by MarketCulture with many large, medium and small organizations throughout the world to benchmark them against companies known to be customer-centric like Virgin, Apple, Amazon and Google.

MarketCulture published “The Customer Culture Imperative” and won the 2015 Marketing Book of the Year. This book is based on the research that produced the MRI™ and provides great insight into measuring a company’s customer centricity and its ability to provide great customer experience. In 2016 the MRI™ won best Staff Survey Tool from Corporate Vision in the UK.

Customer-centric companies have higher customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. They are more innovative, and they have higher brand valuation, market share and sustained profitability. It’s so well documented that it's recognized as an accepted fact.


MarketCulture has automated the MRI™ and is now able to provide a solution to Accredited Partners who align with our values and approach. We value Partnerships that are open and honest, long term and mutually beneficial. We believe “What’s best for the customer is best for the business”. We are looking for partners that want to make a difference with their customers and believe in Customer Centricity.

We believe, as do many others, that “ If you can not measure it then you can not manage it”. The MRI™ measures 8 key areas of organizational customer centricity with both scaled and verbatim questions. These results are then benchmarked against organizations known to be customer centric. A number of reports are then produced which help guide a company and provide a roadmap for  becoming more customer centric.

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