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We work with the world's most forward-thinking organizations
100+ companies from startups to Fortune 500s use MarketCulture to power their customer-obsessed cultures

Hear from our customers


Ryan Rampersaud - Managing Director

"The MRI™ and the corresponding customer immersion program helped us drive up our customer retention rates by 10% resulting in significant revenue increases."

Vodafone Global

Raja Al-Khatib - Group CX Excellence Programme Director

"The MRI™ gave us a powerful framework our global leaders could use to implement tangible actions to improve the customer obsession at Vodafone around the world."


Steve Fischer - Former Global Director of Workforce Development

"MarketCulture helped us understand who our internal customers were, what truly were their needs, and then what it was that we needed to build as a development team in that regard."

Franke USA

Charles F. Lawrence, General Manager, Luxury Products Group

"You will recall when I contacted you as the CMO of the US business I was very concerned about our culture. Specifically, I was frustrated with the challenges of serving multiple market segments from multiple North American locations in an organization that was the result of several acquisitions that have struggled for several years to become one organization.

The MRI™ was a game changer for us, it helped us align the organization with the types of experiences our customers expected. The result was strong growth even in a down market.”


Sonya Sandral - General Manager

"The MRI process helped us shift from a focus on finance to a focus on the people using that finance. As a result, we improved the internal alignment of our culture to focus energy on our customer's businesses and how our financial services can help. This has been a much more successful growth strategy for us."

RS Medical

John Konsin - President

"Yes, I would strongly recommend other organizations to do the MRI™! It helped us gain alignment on who our target customer is and how we can mobilize our teams to improve their experience."

StateCover Mutual

Linda Bostock - CEO

“For us the value of the MRI is that it’s evidence-based, obtains authentic feedback from our employees and creates a focus on ongoing improvement in our business. The result is a focus on the future that benefits customers, employees and our business.”

Allen Medical

Jason Krieser VP & GM

"The MRI™ data coupled with our review meeting facilitated by MarketCulture Strategies helped us ascertain some very specific areas for improvement. Since then, we have created an action plan with both short and long-term goals to address issues we identified as critical.”

Blue Shield Insurance

Doug Biehn - Vice President Corporate Marketing

"Where we started with MarketCulture Strategies was to help Blue Shield marketing professionals really understand how to have a positive influence on change, and positive influence on business decisions across our business units."

Konica Minolta Australia

Dr David Cooke - Managing Director

"The MRI™ gave us unique insights into what we could do culturally to improve our customer experiences."


John Stanhope, Former CFO & Group Managing Director, Finance & Administration

"I highly recommend their services to any senior executive or board member who is seeking to create sustained cultural change that will improve business performance.”

Wright Medical

Peter Cooke - President International

"The MRI™ opens your eyes to really what is involved in creating high levels of customer engagement. It is not just about the customer, but the alternatives they have and how we work cross-functionally to execute more effectively."

Wright is a client of our Expert Partner - Synovations and MarketCulture

Vodafone New Zealand

Russell Stanners - CEO

"The MRI™ is a really great diagnostic that helped us see where we stacked up in terms of being a customer-centric organisation."


Tim Lees - Former CMO

"MarketCulture made us aware of the process of developing strategic business plans, a very very professional, systematic and evidence based process."


David Morgan - Former General Manager

"MarketCulture has taught me to make sure I deliver on my promise, every single time."

Ergon Energy

John Hooper - Chief Financial Officer

Ergon's stated vision is "To be a world-class, customer-driven energy business." With the help of the MarketCulture team, Ergon is taking concrete steps towards realizing that vision.

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