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Our Global Network of Accredited Partners
Accredited Partners - London, United Kingdom

ANN LOngley and Debi Garrod, Something New Together


Something New Together is a design consultancy that helps businesses transform sustainably by responding to existential threats, rapid technological developments, and dynamic customer needs. 

We are volatility navigation experts, turbocharging our clients potential for successful innovation and continuous improvement with our proven approach to maximising opportunities by unlocking insight and human creativity.

Many innovation and transformation programmes fail because people are not sufficiently engaged and laser-focused on business and customer outcomes. 

We help our clients succeed sustainably by cultivating a customer-obsessed culture — a culture that transcends what any individual or department can achieve on their own. 

We work with you to unite your teams and divisions, with everyone collaborating around a shared vision, co-designing a workplace operating model where everyone's role is understood and contribution valued. Like a murmuration of starlings, we get everyone working together in unison, changing patterns when needed.  

Standing still is not an option in a volatile world. 

We help you move from fragile to agile with confidence by building new muscle memory collectively while getting results. Leap from insight to action, learn by doing, and by understanding how humans work best with the aid of psychology and neuroscience.


About Ann -- Ann is the founder of Something New Together. She has worked with big brands, governments, and non-profits for +20 years honing her craft skills in strategy, communications, innovation and stakeholder engagement. She has developed award-winning integrated marketing campaigns, plus digital and customer experience strategies, designed new products, services and ways of working that unify people around a shared purpose. She also works in business education helping leaders develop their digital skills and know-how. At the community level, through her work with BIMA and's Digital Steering Group, Ann is focused on using digital, data, and technology to drive positive social, environmental and economic impacts. 

About Debi

A Corporate Psychologist, Debi's passion is to unleash and facilitate individual and organisational flourishing by supporting positive impacts on people, the planet and profits. She is highly skilled at shifting mindsets and catalysing disruption proof strategies. Debi has ignited employee engagement, leadership, and customer cultures with a wide spectrum of clients including IBM, Virgin, and Goodwood Estates. She was a Visiting Executive Fellow with the Henley Business School leading on the design and execution of successful leadership development centres with corporate clients. In her community, Debi leads her local Good Neighbours Network and Action for Happiness groups.  

Dr Susan Owen - Chief Executive of Phoenix MRC

Dr Owen is the Chief Executive of Phoenix MRC, an insight consultancy that helps organisations improve business performance by sharpening their customer strategy.


After completing a doctorate in Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, Susan started her market research career with the Schlackman Research Organisation. Since then she has worked as an account director at Nielsen Consumer Research and as a company director for Consumer Profile Research Ltd. before founding Phoenix MRC in 1995.


Susan’s experience is broad – spanning household names in food, drinks, clothing, high street retailers, well known management consultancies, major banks, building societies and insurance companies, and national and international advertising agencies, amongst others. Additionally, she is on the board of trustees for two charities, Watermoor House RCH, which she chairs, and Cobalt – The Scanning Charity and until recently sat on the Public Policy Panel for Age UK.

Stuart Crawford-Browne – Director of Customer Experience, Phoenix MRC

Stuart Crawford-Browne is a Director at Phoenix MRC, a UK based Insight and CX consultancy. Competitive benchmarking, customer experience management, marketing analytics, brand experience design, employee and stakeholder engagement are areas of focus to help brands gain competitive advantage by developing a customer-centric culture.


Stuart is an international researcher and marketing professional, with expertise in brand and customer experience management, innovation and customer strategy. Stuart was previously a Divisional Director at GfK and before that a Director at JD Power, where he worked at their headquarters in Los Angeles before transferring to their European office to work across EMEA. Stuart holds a MBA in Strategic Marketing from Hull University Business School and a BSocSci in Organisational Psychology from the University of Cape Town. 

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Brussels and Italy
Accredited Partners - Brussels, Belgium & Italy

Nick Dieltiens - Partner

Nick is a Partner at the Nova Reperta Consulting Firm. He has more than 20 years experience in leading business and cultural transformation programs. Specifically within sales, marketing, customer service and supply chain, creating value for companies through defining and optimising their proposition to customers and deliver it in the most profitable way. Having led a number of large scale transformations in more than 15 countries with significant top –and bottom-line improvement, gave me the expertise to quickly generate a cross-functional view on how to run a business. In particularly in the Automotive, FMCG, Retail and Telco industry.

Even the most successful companies have rarely complete insights in what they are capable of. And that is exactly where Nova Reperta comes in: we help companies understand what they can achieve and transform themselves to reach a new level of performance – not just a bit, but a quantum leap.

Jef Teugels - Partner

Acreadi is a growth studio for companies and organizations. We assist entrepreneurs and managers like you in the development and in the realization of growth opportunities.


We resolutely choose customer-centricity as a strategy. The successful implementation of the strategy requires a strong customer culture.


Acreadi measures the strength of the current culture and assists you with the permanent reinforcement through its three-track policy: gain insight into customer behavior, shape the corresponding organizational structure, design and implement services that sustainably engage customers.


Acreadi helps you and your team drive customer-centric growth.

Eissa Khoury - Leadership Consultant

Eissa helps leadership teams, and their organisations, connect the dots between their brand, customer experience, and culture to create a sustainable competitive advantage for themselves.


He helps create change by provoking discussion and ideas, focusing (and unfocusing) minds, developing options, fostering alignment and agreement across organisations, and most importantly, putting ideas into action. His modus operandi is to challenge everything and to always rely on (un)common sense.


As a self-proclaimed ‘executive provocateur’, Eissa helps leadership teams "unstick" their organisations and find ways to improve and evolve their operational and competitive performance.

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Accredited Partners - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha - UAE

Al-Hasan M. Al-Shaibani, CEO

United Arabia is a leading management consulting firm. Since its inception in 2002, it has progressively expanded to serve major clients across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We draw the knowledge and experience of experts whose skills span the initial generation of ideas and solutions all the way through to detailed implementation.

United Arabia focuses on creating benefits for clients rather than merely proposing them. We help accelerate business growth by developing innovative products for our clients and by the implementation of emerging technology. We deliver major transformation programs, mobilize human resources, and manage complex and challenging programs.

United Arabia helps organizations improve value to their customers, restore productivity to staff, and reduce cost. However, most organizations fail to focus on their customers with routine setting in and resources being allocated based on political needs rather than business or policy needs. Meanwhile, customer needs may have changed to the point that the organization may no longer effectively serve the customer and faces economic pressure.

Jane Trower - Accredited Partner

A highly trusted, global, Executive with significant Leadership Development, Transformation, Business Turnaround, Learning & Talent Management, Organisation Development, Strategic HR credentials in turbulent, challenging and uncertain global markets. Possesses a wealth of transferable strategic skills within Corporate, Public Sector and Consultancy landscape across the UK, Europe & Middle East.

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Accredited Partners - Russia

Olga Guseva, CEO of Integria Consult

Integria Consult – helping leaders build the companies for the future.


Integria Consult is a consulting agency focusing on customer loyalty and development of customer-centric corporate culture. Our experts have more than 20 years of experience in strategic marketing, 6 years in customer loyalty and 7 years in corporate education and facilitation. We have integrated all this knowledge and experience together to help companies understand customer experience with their product or service, measure their current level of customer centricity and build customer centricity development programs for sustainable commercial success.

We are the only company in Russia and Russian-speaking countries, certified to run MRI customer centricity assessments and licensed MarketCulture customer centricity programs. Integria Consult is the founder of Loyalty Academy – an online corporate school, educating employees on customer-centric skills and behavior. 

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