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The MarketCulture Global 300 study has as its main goal to measure and benchmark the level of customer-centric culture as seen through the eyes of senior leaders of small, medium-sized and large organizations around the globe.


Participating organizations were benchmarked against the most customer-centric companies in the world that are included in MarketCulture’s large global database.


This report includes:


* The aggregate results of more than 200 companies versus our customer culture benchmark


* Benchmarks for 8 regions around the world:

Asia (East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia) Central Europe Latin America Middle East/Africa North America Nordic and Eastern Europe Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Islands) Western Europe


* Benchmarks for 10 industries:

Banking & Finance Construction Education Government & Non-Profit Health & Medical IT & Technology Manufacturing & Food/Beverage Professional Services, Retail & Wholesale Services


* Benchmarks for different Business Motions:

B2B, B2C, B2B2C and as well as G2B and B2G 


* Benchmarks for different company sizes (based on the number of employees)

1 - 250 (Small) 251 - 1 000 (Medium) 1 001 - 5 000 (Mid-Large) 5 001 + (Large)

MarketCulture Global 300 Research Study Overall Report 2021

  • The Report contains 70 pages in High Resolution suitable for printing.

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